Expressive & creative.

Innovative & eager.

Designer with long hair.

Live from the stage at Emonite LA.

Live from the stage at Emonite LA.


RJ Ortiz

Just only with an undergraduates from Northampton Community College in Communications & New Media. Leading myself to humbly attend the 2016 American Advertising Awards with two awards for design & animation. Having interned in house at my first real Design/Marketing firm (Liquid Interactive.) Then venturing off into more out sourced projects from many different companies. I’ve been proudly designing in all mediums for almost over 5 years.

I carry my day job with freelance creative work, such as promotional video animations, post video editing, and whipping up some illustrations along the way. I’m very fond of re-working brands, especially in the context of User Interface / Experience.

My approach through the creative process—regardless of the platform or medium—is to discover what works and most importantly… what doesn’t. Finding a flow tends to come naturally after this is done. Branching out to the most obscure ideas, all the way to keeping things light and by the book. Searching for the perfect outcome in creative design.

Keeping things authentic and original by letting my audience see a constant progression. I just want to recap all of this by saying that my ideas come from a desire to arrest my audience by having them become more yearning. Just to watch a little more, read a little more, dig a bit further. In the end, all I hope for is that the creative output I give makes things positively interesting and unforgettable.




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